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Guest Post- “Finding the Right NAS Operating System – If There is Just One”


Thomas Kay founded Tom’s Computer Support in 2001 with the goal of providing the type of professional IT support larger companies enjoy to small businesses in Pennsylvania.  Applying his experience working in marketing, sales, as well as IT at many local companies, Thomas quickly built a reputation as being a knowledgeable and trustworthy IT industry expert. He shares his expertise on a range of current IT topics via his blog at tomscomputersupport.com. Watch this space over the next few weeks as Thomas chronicles his experience building out his NAS using a Storinator from 45 Drives.

GUEST POST: Thomas Kay’s first blog post explained how his new 45 Drives Storinator is more than capable of solving the painful problem of storage expansion. In his latest blog post , Thomas discusses the options for finding the right NAS operating system for his new 45 Drives hardware. Check out the article that gives an in-depth look at the criteria involved with choosing the right NAS OS and a look at the pros and cons between using the different OS options that are available.


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