A single portal to easily and effectively manage digital evidence is incredibly beneficial for small to medium-sized law enforcement and legal professionals to help manage their digital evidence.

Traceability and controlled access are vital for ensuring anything that may end up within a courtroom are valid and admissible. Law and legal professionals shouldn’t have to deal with a “mess” of random files and DVDs being shared throughout the legal process.

However, evidence tracking and access control can be extremely challenging without a purpose-built solution in place. That’s where we come in.

What can I do with all my evidence?

Less than perfect organization of files is the reality for many law enforcement and legal professionals. Their files are often in the form of labeled thumb drives and physical documentation. Although unfortunately, any single mistake can have dire consequences, tracking both physical and digital copies of evidence remains a pain. So what are the solutions for ensuring that one-of- -thousand thumb drives and paper folders don’t get misplaced?

Digital Evidence Access and Tracking

Controlled access and traceability for digital evidence are at the center of 45Drives’ Digital Evidence Access and Tracking (DEATs) solution. DEATs enable law enforcement and legal professionals easy evidence tracking and security. Let’s break down exactly what that means.

Central Control

DEATS is your single hub for all your data. It provides a centralized repository with strict access controls and traceability. With DEATS, you can control who has access to evidence with specific permissions and monitor who has accessed it in the past. It is the one piece of software you can use to manage everything.


DEATS also provides cyber-security features, including protection from distributed bot attacks. In addition, it features end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. This is another way DEATS helps give peace of mind to your organization when it comes to evidence management. DEATS makes storing, sorting, and controlling sensitive data as easy as it should be for your organization – while providing a full suite of cyber-security features.


With DEATS, you will retain control over your data and software. It provides the flexibility of the Cloud, but through the form of on-premises storage. This means that you do not have to deal with the (often prohibitory) drawback of not having direct control over your data. In addition, DEATS allows you to access body cam footage, photo or video evidence, and anything else you may need from anywhere – while remaining completely secure.

Storage: Powered by 45Drives

DEATS is powered by NextCloud and Amazon S3 technology, built on top of a 45Drives data storage solution.

DEATS, therefore, gives you access to all of the benefits of a 45Drives storage solution. Including:

  • Full hardware and Software support
  • Highly-Dense & Highly-Scalable Storage
  • No requirement for pre-existing server experience
  • No vendor lock-in

45Drives Solutions are designed for maximum uptime and keep your data safe by replication across multiple nodes. As a result, your organization will be able to access files even during maintenance or if something goes wrong and a server outage unexpectedly occurs.

The support your team will be provided from 45Drives is completely comprehensive, helping you make decisions based on our on-hand experience. From your project’s initial conception, all the way through deployment and ongoing maintenance – you will always have an expert to help guide you whenever you need it. Available also is 24/7 emergency assistance for those who need peace of mind to extend past normal business hours. And, 45Drives even provides integrated remote training sessions for your team to ensure you quickly become experts in handling DEATS.

Next Steps

If you think a DEATS solution is right for your organization, you can book a free webinar for your team that will take you through how to leverage DEATS for your organization.

Become a beta tester for DEATS today — reach out to us here.

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