The Storinator is an open source storage server, commonly used as a NAS appliance. Simple to set up and designed for quick access, the Storinator will keep all your files in one convenient, centralized location. Offering read/write speeds over 3 GB/s, this storage server allows you and your team to move massive amounts of data - extremely fast.

Capacity To Fit Any Need

The Storinator is available in 15, 30, 45 or 60 bays,
and can be deployed either as a single unit or part of a cluster.


The Storinator is the most cost-effective, enterprise storage server on the market. This storage server is not only extremely affordable, it's backed by our unmatched customer support.

Hard Drives

If you purchased hard drives from us, we'll even take care of the RMA process! Notify us of a bad disk and we will have one sent to you right away. We will also assist you in returning your defective drive to the supplier.


When you choose a 45Drives storage server you get an extremely reliable, affordable, enterprise product and a whole team to help you every step of the way.

We'll help match the right storage solution for your needs and configure your Storinator(s) - making it fully functional and ready to start working when it arrives at your door. Check out our support page for more information on configurations.

Storinator Features

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can work for you.

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