TeraStore™ Direct Wired Series

Direct-Wired, Ultra-Large Storage Pods

After experiencing backplane-based storage pods, the community wanted a new and improved experience. They asked for redundancy - both in terms of redundant power supplies and boot drives - and we delivered. Our customers wanted a faster, more powerful pod that could transmit and write data more quickly than the original backplane was able to do, and the new direct-wired pod delivered. We also innovated the original 45 Drives storage pod to include sliding rails, identifiable drives and email notifications for drive failures, all based on feedback from the community.

Huge storage (up to 480TB* in a 4U enclosure)

With 30, 45 or 60 hard-drive slots, the Storinator storage pods provide massive amounts of storage, up to 480TB of raw data. This huge raw data capacity is generally configured in striped arrays to achieve data security through redundancy and ultra fast file transfer speeds.

Ultra fast (speeds in excess of 1 gigabyte/sec)

When properly configured, these machines can easily exceed read and write speeds of 1 gigabyte per second. Compared to previous backplane versions, the direct-wired Storinator has the bandwidth to take on a wide variety of demanding applications.

Highest reliability and compatibility (greatly reduced circuit board count)

By eliminating 9 circuit boards from the 3.0 pod design, we have achieved reduced failure rates. As well, the switch to direct wired gives Storinator users greater customization to be able to run more applications/operating systems and take advantage of applications other than simple data storage.

Exceptional customer service (we support what we sell)

We look after each and every one of our customers, and make sure their Storinators work. Period.

Highly customizable and upgradeable (configured exactly how you want it)

45 Drives is a leader in mass customization. We have the unique ability within the storage community to build you a large storage pod that fits your exact needs. Customizations range from small changes such as a memory upgrade to highly customized machines with multiple CPUs, motherboards and SSD caching banks, and even completely new enclosures and physical form factors. This can be done from quantity one and up. Whatever you're looking for, we can build it.

Hot Swappable (No interruptions, even when drives fail)

All of the hard drives in the Storinator storage pods are 100% hot swappable, meaning that you can replace a failed hard drive and rebuild an array without rebooting the unit and taking it offline.

Choose Your Storinator Model.
  • Huge amount of storage that's whisper-quiet and ultra-efficient. Perfect in video production studios and offices.


    Up to 30 Drives
    Up to 240TB*
    Depth: 25.75"
    Connectivity: 2x1 GbE Standard
    Connectivity: 10 GbE Optional
    Starting at $2,999


    Connect the ultra-quiet pod directly to your network to store and protect your data files.

    Ideal in office environments, studios or server rooms where you need to access your data at all times.

    Best storage pod for applications in non-server room areas.

  • A super cost-effective version of the classic Storinator S45, featuring the same ultra-reliable direct wired technology.


    Up to 45 Drives
    Up to 360TB*
    Depth: 31.5"
    Connectivity: 2x1 GbE Standard
    Connectivity: 10 GbE Optional
    Starting at $3,350


    Similar configuration to Storinator S45, but with only one 40-port HBA card. Utilizes the five onboard SATA ports to run the five remaining drives in the storage array.

    Direct-wired performance and reliability at an exceptional price point.

    Reliable data storage and backup performance.

  • The classic, fully featured 45-drive model that started it all, complete with redundant ports, 10-GbE NIC and redundant boot drives.


    Up to 45 Drives
    Up to 360TB*
    Depth: 31.5"
    Connectivity: 2x1 GbE Standard
    Connectivity: 10 GbE Standard
    Starting at $5,533


    Ideal data backup for medium - or - large-scale businesses.

    Designed for server rooms, but suitable for all types of environments.

    Customizable configurations for a variety of server/database applications.

  • Our biggest and most cost-effective storage pod ever. Includes redundant power supply & boot drives and 10-GbE NIC.


    Up to 60 Drives
    Up to 480TB*
    Depth: 37.5"
    Connectivity: 2x1 GbE Standard
    Connectivity: 10 GbE Standard
    Starting at $6,930


    Designed for large businesses and enterprises with massive data storage needs.

    Maximize your storage at the best price performance per terabyte - no other NAS server on the market can match it.

    Slots for 60 drives lets you scale to your growing storage needs.

Build Your Own Storage Server.

Perfect for self-builders who know exactly what they want.
Choose only the components and drive capacity you need.

Available Configurations
Drive Slots: 30, 45 or 60
Up to 360TB*
Depth: 25.75", 31.5", 37.5"
Connectivity: 1 GbE & 10 GbE available
Starting at $725

Available Components
Boot Drives
HBA Cards
10 GB Copper & Fibre NICs