• Store years of HD Video Footage
  • Consolidate and index all your data in an ultra-fast storage server. With more files readily accessible your company can retain more of its data safely, while the Storinatorís density and speed provides unmatched performance to exceed your storage needs at a great price.

Happy Storinator Customers

Recommended Configurations

Each Storinator configuration will centralize your entire library and help you organize your files. Extremely reliable the Storinator offers a huge amount of storage while being ultra-fast and ultra-efficient.

Although you may choose any configuration based on your storage needs, we recommend the following for video surveillance and law enforcement:

Typical Surveillance Set-up

What our users say

"We have approximately 30,000 mailboxes on our server and 45 Drives support was exemplary." Alex Ball
Vice President, QX.Net
"What gets me excited with this pod, which is basically the cost of three 'big-name' servers with hard drives, is I can get the same storage, with infinitely better write performance (even running Windows), so I need to buy less physical storage boxes. " Eric Koss, IT Director
Hertford County, North Carolina

Customer Spotlight

Read how SoundSide Group found ways to
save time and money with Storinator servers.


  • Massive Storage Up to 480TB*
    in a 4U enclosure.
  • Highest Reliability
    and Compatibility
    Works with all operating systems & applications.
  • Lowest Cost
    per TB
    Stretch your budget further.
  • Ultra FastSpeeds in excess of 1 gigabyte/sec.
    That's 30 GB in 30 seconds.
  • Exceptional
    Customer Service
    Our Commitment is to Have You Up and Running - at the Performance that We Promised You.
  • Multiple,
    Simultaneous Devices
    Huge bandwidth availablity for hundreds of IP devices
  • Data Security Protection through fully redundant RAID arrays and Power Supply.
  • Encryption Self encrypting drives (SEDs) available.
  • No Interruptions Designed for continuous operation. Hot swappable components.
Ultra-fast, reliable servers deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.
Enterprise-class drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage servers, especially for higher-availability applications. This, in turn, makes your data management more reliable and cost effective.
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