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Government & Surveillance Customers

Working in government can mean strict budget requirements. Do more with less by using a 45Drives Solution. Open-source and open-platform architecture allows you to use the densest, enterprise storage-system on the market – at a fraction of the cost of legacy vendors.

Government work can mean red-tape and strict regulatory requirements. We make it easy by working with your reseller partners while simplifying the sales process for you.

Maximum Camera Throughput

To give you a better understanding of the Storinator's capabilities, below are examples of how many 4K cameras a Storinator can manage using maximum throughput in different resolutions.

Chassis SD HD 4k Capacity (TB)
15 Drive1358760241628156
30 Drive1358760241628312
45 Drive1358760241628468
60 Drive1358760241628624

Resolution Bandwidth/Camera kb/s
HDD Size (TB)12

Network/Camera Scenarios

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