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Is it time to cluster?

If you have a lot of data, expect to grow your data, or need your data to be highly available - it might be time to consider clustering.

With companies being required to store and retain more and more data every year - it's no wonder why clustering is such a hot topic these days.

Clustering allows you to scale your data easily and ensures your data is available at all times - taking away any single point of failure. Whether you're a company with under 50TB of storage or one preparing for 10PB of storage - check out this blog post to see if clustering is your next step.

The Simplest Method for Deploying Ceph Clusters (using Houston)

This week, Brett teases an upcoming module release for Houston that promises to make deploying Ceph clusters a breeze!

Still using Ansible underneath the hood, this new Ceph Deployment module will graphically take you through the steps of setting up your own Ceph storage cluster.

How to Implement a Business Continuity Plan at Your Company

Ceph Clustered Solutions not only ensure you never run out of storage, they ensure your data is always available and easy to access.

Our hugely successful webinar inspired many great questions from our customers. Our R & D team worked hard to provide expert answers to your questions.

9.5PB Ceph Cluster

9.5PB Ceph Cluster

9.5PB Ceph Cluster(PTC) has a 45Drives storage solution that keeps faculty and student data safe. With over 1,700 students enrolled in 30 programs spanning business, design, nursing, and information technology - PTC needed a centralized network for their students and faculty to access.

Every night, the school's data gets backed up offsite to a secondary server to ensure availability in case of disaster. Read more about their setup by clicking the button below!

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An overview of CephFS architecture!

Looking to learn the basics of CephFS? Check out this 4-part mini-series on our youtube channel.

In these videos, 45Drives co-founder Doug Milburn and Lead R&D Engineer Brett Kelly sit down to discuss and give examples of CephFS architecture.

Watch them by clicking the link below.