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Using Rclone for Cloud Backups
Using Rclone for Cloud Backups

This week, Spencer talks to us about using Rclone for backing up to various cloud providers.

During this video demo, Spencer will demonstrate how to install Rclone and connect to a cloud service. He also walks through connecting to Backblaze B2 and Ceph. This process allows users to move files to these services and safely store their backups.

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Here's a quick "how-to" article from our engineers! This article will walk you through installing Rclone and connecting a remote to a cloud service such as Backblaze or Google Drive. This process will allow you to move files to these cloud services.

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You can store both large and small files, our network attached storage server is great for any business size from small business to enterprise companies looking to store data, boost productivity and minimize IT overhead.

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