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So, We've Shrunk a Storinator...
Jr. Storinator

Nope, we didn't put a Storinator in the dryer, and no, unfortunately, Rick Moranis was not involved either — but it has been shrunk. Meet, The Storinator Jr!

This little project started when Jeff Geerling’s work with Raspberry Pi-based mini storage systems inspired one of our 45Drives R&D Engineers, Josh Boudreau.  So, he started a pet project. 

Through some love and elbow grease, Josh brought this mini Storinator prototype to life. However, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Want to know more about this project? Stay tuned — we have an interview with Josh coming your way in next week's Direct Wire. 

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*The Storinator JR is currently not for sale. 

Intelligent Tiering With S3 Storage & Ceph

It's time for another Tuesday Tech Tip, and this week it's all about intelligent tiering with S3 storage.

This video gives you a demo that explains how to use life cycle management and intelligent tiering with S3 storage and Ceph. This gives users the ability to move objects through different tiers of storage more efficiently.

Have you seen the new 45Drives Repo?

Here's a quick "how-to" article from our engineers! This article outlines the steps to create an Erasure Code Pool in the Ceph Dashboard. It also shows you how to configure the Erasure Code Profile necessary for the pool to use.

Hit the big red button to learn how.

Want to know more about Intelligent Tiering With S3 Storage & Ceph?

Check out the full knowledgebase article dedicated to this topic! This guide runs through in detail what lifecycle management is, how to deploy it, and how to create custom storage classes with RGW’s.

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