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Linus Tech Tips

The cleanest 10Gb transfer that I have ever seen

Linus Sebastian, one of YouTube's most popular tech reviewers, was recently able to achieve his goal of 1GB/s transfer speeds from his 100TB Storinator using unRAID Server OS 6, a proven and popular server operating system that provides superior user-friendliness and impressive hardware scalability.

To achieve this, Linus first worked directly with the LimeTech team to configure a build of unRAID 6 that increased the maximum amount of drives supported by the OS. Then, after a little 4Kb packet and jumbo frame tuning to the network card, and a bit more tuning to unRAID's network config, he attained, in his words, "the cleanest 10Gb transfer I have had ever seen."

The software configuration Linus used will be baked into an upcoming version of unRAID and will make the Storinator's incredible transfer speeds available to many more users who work in a single user transfer environment.

Learn more about using unRAID on a Storinator and other ways to wave goodbye to single user bottleneck issues. Unleash the true power of the Storinator with unRAID.

Watch the full video below