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Setting up remote management

We are going to show you how to set up remote management (using IPMI) on your Storinators.

Storinators use a remote management interface called IPMI, which stands for intelligent platform management interface. This is an open source industry standard platform that is designed to manage servers over a network. IPMI gives you the ability to control the power of your server, monitor powersupply statistics and troubleshoot and repair the system all from a BIOS level, all from a remote location.

How to setup IPMI

  1. Plug in an Ethernet cable into a port on your motherboard and the other end to your network switch.
  2. Access the bios by pressing the delete key when presented with the Supermicro splash screen when booting the Storinator.
  3. Go to the IPMI tab, then to BMC Network Configuration. From here you can choose DHCP to allow an address to be assigned from your local DHCP server, or set a static IP which is recommended.
  4. Save the changes and reset the server.
  5. Open another machine on your network and an internet browser. Type the address assigned to the IPMI port, this will bring up the IPMI login page.
  6. Login in to IPMI. The default credentials are:
    1. Username: "ADMIN"
    2. Password: "ADMIN"
  7. From here you will be sent inside the IPMI web GUI and have access to a wide range of remote features.

You can gain full control of your Storinator from here through a Java application. Just click on the window inside the remote console preview to download a JNLP file which will open a remote terminal with Java.

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