Our Commitment is to Have You Up and Running - at the Performance that We Promised You!

Hardware Support and Warranty

First and foremost, we stand by our hardware.

45 Drives storage solutions are assembled with high-quality components, with the option to be customized and upgraded. Our 45 Drives engineers are always looking for industry standard hardware suppliers to optimize our servers’ compatibility, performance and stability.

We warrant that our systems (excluding custom systems) will be free from faulty parts and workmanship for a one year period from the day the unit is shipped. Hardware support is provided at no charge to the Customer. At the end of the warranty period, hardware problem diagnosis remains free, but charges will apply for replacement components.

  • ✓ 1 Year FREE from the date you received your machine is included with every purchase
  • * 3 Year extended warranty for $699 per system
Hard Drives:
  • Hard Disk Drives are covered under a separate warranty from the manufacturer.
  • ✓ WD Purple Drives 3 year replacement warranty
  • ✓ WD Gold Drives 5 year replacement warranty
Note: If you have purchased hard drives from us, we will take care of the RMA process. Notify us of a bad disk and we will have one sent to you right away. We will also assist you in returning your defective drive to your supplier.
Technical Support Service Details

We are committed to getting you up and running and we do this by offering 2 FREE hours of support once your Storinator has arrived at its new home. But we're here for you every step of the way, from customizing your company's ideal storage solution, to its configuration, to any required future support, 45 Drives is committed to you.

45 Drives provide hourly support and have a flexible pay-as-you-go offering. To help your company get on its way we are here to answer any questions or assistance you may need. The 45 Drives Support Team will require you to purchase support, but it's as simple as clicking below and we will get back to you within 12 business hours. And hey, we're reasonable. We will offer you as much assistance as we can within 15 minutes without charge, helping to suggest possible quick fixes and easy solutions.

Purchase support from us for direct access to 45 Drives engineers with a targeted response time of 12 business hours. Our support is the best complement to your IT resources, and adds value by putting you in touch with a 45 Drives Storage Specialist. From help with customization of architecture, configuration, hands on tech support, to answering questions and anything in between, we are here to help!

  • Need Help?
  • “Give us a call” there is no cost to speak to us and we will point you where you need to go!
  • Support offered by
  • Phone, Email, Remote Sessions and Online Resources
  • Response Time
  • 12 Business hours (Support cases are prioritized by severity and we try our best to respond as quickly as possible.)
  • Available Time
  • 9AM to 5PM AST

Getting Started

Need support for a customized project? Let 45 Drives engineers help you. We have development and storage solution expertise that can be valuable to your project. We provide design, development and deployment services to help at any stage of your project. Contact us to get started.