Our Commitment is to Have You Up and Running - at the Performance that We Promised You!

Hardware Support and Warranty

First and foremost, we stand by our hardware.

45 Drives storage solutions are assembled with high-quality components, with the option to be customized and upgraded. Our 45 Drives engineers are always looking for industry standard hardware suppliers to optimize our servers’ compatibility, performance and stability.

We warrant that our systems (excluding custom systems) will be free from faulty parts and workmanship for a one year period from the day the unit is shipped. Hardware support is provided at no charge to the Customer. At the end of the warranty period, hardware problem diagnosis remains free, but charges will apply for replacement components.

  • ✓ 1 Year FREE from the date you received your machine is included with every purchase
  • * 3 Year extended warranty for $899 per system
  • * 5 Year extended warranty for $3999 per system
Hard Drives:
  • Hard Disk Drives are covered under a separate warranty from the manufacturer.
  • ✓ WD Purple Drives 3 year replacement warranty
  • ✓ WD Gold Drives 5 year replacement warranty
  • ✓ Seagate Exos Drives 5 year replacement warranty
Note: If you have purchased hard drives from us, we will take care of the RMA process. Notify us of a bad disk and we will have one sent to you right away. We will also assist you in returning your defective drive to your supplier.
Technical Support Service Details
Storinator Configuration

45Drives will set-up your Storinator(s) according to your needs, so your server will be properly configured, fully-functional and ready to go when it arrives at your door.

If you would rather wait until your Storinator arrives at your location one of our Support Engineers will walk you through the configuration so you will have the best knowledge to maintain your new storage server.

A 45Drives Engineer will take the following steps:

  • Arrange a consultation phone call will you to discuss your needs.
  • Setup your preferred RAID array and filesystem on the OS of your choice
  • Network configuration (Network information required)
  • Setup Users and Groups (User information required)
  • Share configuration (NFS, AFP, SMB)
  • Configure for disaster recovery
  • Gluster FS install and configuration (CentOS)
  • Gluster FS Brick creation or dataset creation

Our commitment is to get you up and running at the performance we promised you. This means one of our service engineers will arrange a phone call with you to ensure you are set set-up and fully operational.

Don't worry! If you choose NOT to have 45Drives configure your server, you will still receive a fully assembled and tested Storinator pre-loaded with your chosen OS.

  • Need Help?
  • “Give us a call” there is no cost to speak to us and we will point you where you need to go!
  • Support offered by
  • Phone, Email, Remote Sessions and Online Resources
  • Response Time
  • 12 Business hours (Support cases are prioritized by severity and we try our best to respond as quickly as possible.)
  • Available Time
  • 9AM to 5PM AST