• Go to the next level in Video Production storage:
  • - Centralize your entire library and archives on a Storinator™ Mass Storage Server.
  • - Massive Storage that helps you organize your files.
  • - Protection and data security through redundant RAID arrays.
  • - Enterprise Class Performance and Reliability.
  • - Incredibly Affordable.
  • - Simple to Setup and maintain.


  • Supports Your Favourite
    Editing Tools
    Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and more.
  • Highest Compatibility Works with all audio/video formats.
  • Massive Storage Up to 480TB*
    in a 4U enclosure.
  • Installation GuaranteedWe guarantee we will help you with your installation to get up in running in no time.
  • Exceptional
    Customer Service
    From Configuration, to installation to ongoing operation, we're here for you!
  • Multiple,
    Simultaneous Editors
    Your entire team working without interuptions or delays.
  • Ultra FastSpeeds in excess of 1 gigabyte/sec.
    That's 30 GB in 30 seconds.
  • Edit Directly from the NAS, Faster than an Internal SSD Eliminate waiting or delays when working with your footage.
  • Data Security Your data is fully protected from the moment its stored and while you work.

Valued Customers

What our users say

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the awesome help! It was actually a ton of fun getting support and help from you!" Anil Mohabir
Asterisk Media Group
"We have approximately 30,000 mailboxes on our server and 45 Drives support was exemplary." Alex Ball
Vice President, QX.Net
"I would recommend that any video production company searching for a new server take a look at a Storinator. My clients trust me to keep their data safe. I have spent many of sleepless nights worrying about my data. I sleep a lot better since buying my Storinator." Michael Rueber
Creative Director , Around the Corner Productions
"The Storinator allows us to keep all of our audio and video files online all the time. We call it our 'live eternal archive' strategy, and it eliminates the need to delete files and risk losing something a client may expect us to have in the future." Kevin Shattuck
Technology & Workflow Specialist
Trailblazer Studios
"It made perfect sense for Livestream to outsource our hardware situation to someone who does it well and for a really, really good cost. All our Storinators are connected at 20 gb/s to our 100gb core that is primarily used for our video on demand library." Alexander Yuriev

User Spotlights

  • LinusTechTips
    upgrades N3RDFUSION
  • Livestream
  • Crew Productions
  • LinusTechTips debuts
    100TB of High Speed Storage

Introducing Storinator E-Class

Hard Drives

Ultra-fast, reliable servers deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.

Enterprise-class drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage servers, especially for higher-availability applications. This, in turn, makes your data management more reliable and cost effective.

Storinator Models

Operating System Options:

  • SERVER OS Run Storinator as a Server
  • NAS OS Run Storinator as a NAS Appliance