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Blog – How to Saturate a 20Gbit Network

Rob MacQueen, 45 Drives R&D engineer, explains how to saturate a 20Gbit network using real data files over a Samba Share Read more...

Blog – Achieve 20Gb and 30Gb Bandwidth through Network Bonding

Rob MacQueen, 45 Drives R&D engineer, shares his experiments with setting up network bonding in order to achieve 30Gb bandwidth Read more...

Blog – The Power Behind Large Data Storage

Brett Kelly, 45 Drives R&D engineer, measures the Storinator’s power draw during start up, steady state and operating. Read more...

45 Drives Expands Storinator Product Line

New Direct-Wired Pods for Every Storage Need
Press Release (pdf) | Info Sheet (pdf)

Blog – Our Biggest Design Decision: Direct Wired or Backplane

45 Drives co-founder Doug Milburn discusses where 45 Drives is headed, and why we’re sticking with direct-wired pods. Read more...


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