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Blog – The Power Behind Large Data Storage

Brett Kelly, 45 Drives R&D engineer, measures the Storinator’s power draw during start up, steady state and operating. Read more...

45 Drives Expands Storinator Product Line

New Direct-Wired Pods for Every Storage Need
Press Release (pdf) | Info Sheet (pdf)

Blog – Our Biggest Design Decision: Direct Wired or Backplane

45 Drives co-founder Doug Milburn discusses where 45 Drives is headed, and why we’re sticking with direct-wired pods. Read more...

Installing FreeNAS on the server

This video clearly demonstrates how users can install FreeNAS on the server

Determining the Cooling Properties of 45 Drives Storage Pods

We've done some extensive testing of the chassis thermal design and the results are in. Read more...


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