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“Retrofit Kit Instructional Video”, “How To Install a Redundant Power Supply” & “Racking Your Storage Pod”
(See our VIDEO section below)

Determining the Cooling Properties of 45 Drives Storage Pods

We've done some extensive testing of the chassis thermal design and the results are in. Read more...

Say Hello To The Storinator

A recent newsletter discusses the next evolution of the Backblaze storage pod 4.0 and the retrofit upgrade kit for older designs Read more...

Backblaze Announces Storage Pod 4.0

A major design leap for enhanced reliability and increased throughput

Backblaze Announces Storage Pod 3.0

45 Drives teams up with Backblaze to commercialize their revolutionary 3.0 storage pod design Read more...


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Community Contributions

Tell us your story

Do you have a story about our 3.0 or 4.0 storage pods? Do you have custom technical specifications for your pod that you would like to share with us? Do you have a video of your experience with our storage servers? We, and the storage community, would like to hear about it! Plus, everyone who sends in a successful contribution will receive a brand new 45 Drives T-Shirt!

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GeekBeat TV

Say Hello to our Big Friend

"We got a big box from our friends at 45 Drives. And in that box was a massive NAS to help us out at the new Geek House!" Read more

Happy House Warming

Episode of Geek Beat featuring 45Drives sending a house warming present down to our friends (Features lobtster & Scotch) Read more or Watch our video


A review of NAS featuring 45 Drives' Backblaze™-inspired TeraStor Read more

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