TeraStore™ Direct Wired Series
Capacity for up to 60 drives (Up to 480TB*) in a single 4U enclosure.
Our biggest and most cost-effective storage pod ever, with 60 drive slots.
Includes redundant power supply, redundant boot drives, redundant ports and 10-GbE NIC.
Designed for large businesses and enterprises with massive data storage needs.
Scale to your growing storage needs with slots for up to 60 hard drives.
Includes 1 standard dual port 10 GbE (RJ45 or SFP+) NIC, plus 2 standard 1 GbE RJ45 ports
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Note on Staggered Spinup with the Storinator XL60

We recommend using staggered spinup using the Power Up in Standby (PUIS) method when powering the Storinator XL60, in order to achieve optimal PSU performance. The following hard drives support PUIS method of staggered spinup:

  • All Western Digital drives can support PUIS (PM2 in their terms), with the exception of WD Greens..
  • All Toshiba drives in the DT01ABAxxx and the DT01ACAxxx families support PUIS.

We do not recommend using Seagate Enterprise drives in your Storinator XL60, as they do not support staggered spinup.

For more information on staggered spinup and compatible drives, please see our wiki.