Enterprise Class Storage Server Starting at $75 per Hard Drive Slot
Introducing Storinator E-class The Next Generation of Ultra-fast, Massive Storage Pods Put simply, the Storinator E-class is the fastest, most reliable massive storage unit available today.

When properly configured, these machines can easily exceed read and write speeds of 1 gigabyte per second.

With 30, 45 or 60 hard-drive slots, the Storinator storage pods provide massive amounts of storage, up to 480TB of raw data.

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Introducing Storinator E-Class

The Next Generation of Ultra-fast, Massive Storage Pods

Product Solutions

Hard Drives

Ultra-fast, reliable pods deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.

Enterprise-class drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage pods, especially for higher-availability applications. This, in turn, makes your data management more reliable and cost effective.

Change The Way You Wipe Data