Setting up Remote Access

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Setting Up Remote Access (IPMI)

Remote Access is available for all Storinator products. IPMI or Intelligent Platform Management Interface is an open, industry-standard interface that was designed for the management of server systems over network. It enables you to monitor and control your server platform, as well as to retrieve information about your server platform is a standard. It supports FRU inventory reporting, system monitoring, logging of system events, system recovery (system reset or power off) or alerting.

This is very similar to DRAC is a proprietary offering from Dell. ILO is the HP ProLiant variant. ILOM for Sun/Oracle. In some cases, you may hear the terms used interchangeably.

These Solutions are proprietary lights-out management solutions provide more integration with the hardware and often time have nicer features (monitoring, logging, access) than a generic IPMI implementation. However some require special licensing to use. IPMI is free. But what is more important is that all of the aforementioned service processors - iDRAC, iLO or ILOM - are compliant with this standard (or with a specific version of it) so you can either use vendor specific tools to communicate with them or standardized IPMI tools. This may be an advantage when you need to integrate the platform with some monitoring system which supports IPMI standard but not a specific service processor.


- Plug a Ethernet cable into the IPMI port and your network switch. The IPMI port is pictured below, it is the black Ethernet cable next to the PSU. Assign IP either DHCP or Static. (Static is preferred).


- Initial setup requires access to BIOS, then all management can be done using java tool or through a webgui (firefox only). Newer (=> X10 boards) will show the IPMI address during bootup in the bottom right hand corner. Pictured is the IPMI set up screen, currently set up on our network in the lab.

- Here is a sample of what the main screen on the IPMI webGUI looks like.

Impi gui.png

- Use the last tool on this list IPMIView

- Or just type the IPMI IP address into firefox and get full control.

- All the remote viewing apps (webgui, IPMIview) are java based.

- To Gain Full Access and control of the machine through a Remote Desktop Java Application, Double click on the window inside the 'Remote Console Preview" shown in the above image.