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Storage Pod Assembly Tour

In this section we're going to walk through the assembly of a Standard 2.0 Pod with all standard/recommended parts. If you have any notes or ideas on assembling your own Pod, please let us know.

We start with an empty 2.0 Pod enclosure.

Add the screws to the base for the standoffs.

IMG 8113.jpg
Bore holes for later.

IMG 8119.jpeg
Add standoffs.
IMG 8131.jpeg
IMG 8141.jpeg

Add fan bracket to center of enclosure. Line up drill holes and screw in to place.

IMG 8142.jpeg
IMG 8143.jpeg

Prepare fans for mounting
IMG 8145.jpeg
IMG 8152.jpeg

Mount fans as shown. When mounting fans, be sure air is being drawn from the front of the unit to the back, toward the motherboard and power supplies. This is a common pitfall when assembling units.
IMG 8157.jpeg
IMG 8165.jpeg
IMG 8166.jpeg

Drop in rear panel and tighten screws
IMG 8169.jpeg

Install I/O plate to rear panel as shown. Some customers have noted they have skipped this step, but we still recommend installing the I/O plate to keep dust from entering the unit.
IMG 8178.jpeg

Prepare Power button by bundling the wires and tying them off as shown. Once power button is in place, fasten with nut and tighten.
IMG 8182.jpeg
IMG 8192.jpeg
IMG 8191.jpeg

Track wires around pegs as shown, running back toward fans and through the middle panel as shown.
IMG 8189.jpeg
IMG 8193.jpeg

Prepare processor, RAM, and motherboard.
IMG 8194.jpeg
IMG 8195.jpeg
IMG 8197.jpeg

Line up motherboard with rear panel insert.
IMG 8200.jpeg
IMG 8205.jpeg

Connect Power SW & Power LED wires to motherboard as shown.
IMG 8218.jpeg
IMG 8220.jpeg

Install RAM modules as shown.
IMG 8221.jpeg

Prepare motherboard for processor chip installation.
IMG 8222.jpeg

Fasten processor to motherboard. Make sure the mounting pegs on the CPU heat sink and fan click to lock in place. Failing to properly attach the heat sink/fan can cause problems with the unit's function.
IMG 8226.jpeg

Prepare SATA controller cards and install as shown.
IMG 8231.jpeg
IMG 8246.jpeg

Prepare gasket for power supply.
IMG 8248.jpeg

We like to tie off the cords for the power supply, as shown. This keeps things neat and tidy for later.
IMG 8249.jpeg

Please note that Power Supply 1 DOES NOT have cables to run to the motherboard. This is the easiest way to differentiate the two power supplies. This picture is of Power Supply 1.
IMG 8250.jpeg

Place gasket around power supply and secure with screws as shown.
IMG 8253.jpeg
IMG 8258.jpeg

Thread yellow and black power supply cable through fan bracket to the other side as shown, followed by two sets of black, yellow and red cables.
IMG 8261.jpeg
IMG 8266.jpeg
IMG 8272.jpeg

Thread two more sets of power supply cables through the second fan bracket hole as shown.
IMG 8282.jpeg
Prepare second power supply.
IMG 8283.jpeg

Note the extra cables on Power Supply 2. These connect to the motherboard and are not present on Power Supply 1.
IMG 8284.jpeg
It may be a good idea to place some bubble wrap or a towel down on the case while you install the second power supply to avoid scuffing or scratching the chassis.
IMG 8286.jpeg
Connect the two wires from the power supply to the motherboard as shown.
IMG 8287.jpeg
IMG 8293.jpeg
Drop in and secure the crossbar between the two wires to support the power supply.
IMG 8296.jpeg
Install gasket around power supply and install as before.
IMG 8299.jpeg
Tie down wires to secure in place.
IMG 8301.jpeg
Draw wires from second power supply through fan bracket as shown.
IMG 8305.jpeg
Attach fans to power supply 2 via yellow and black wire, as shown. We've heard of people connecting the fan's power directly to the motherboard. We do not recommend this.
IMG 9718.jpeg
After connecting fan to power supply, connect red RPM cable to motherboard.
IMG 8308.jpeg
IMG 8310.jpeg
Tie down any lose wires to avoid confusion and prevent fans from getting tangled.
IMG 8315.jpeg
Prepare backplanes.
IMG 8320.jpeg
When connecting SATA and power wires to backplanes, we find it best to wrap the wires as shown. This keeps things neat and secure and leaves more room for other wires later.
IMG 8324.jpeg
Secure backplanes to standoffs.
IMG 8328.jpeg
Fasten excess wires to floor of chassis.
IMG 8330.jpeg
Take note of proper positioning for plugging backplanes in to SATA connectors. (The second backplane is on the left)
IMG 8333.jpeg
Attach third backplane to SATA connector and secure to standoffs as before.
IMG 8338.jpeg
IMG 8340.jpeg
Tie off the first row of wires to make room for the next.
IMG 8342.jpeg
IMG 8343.jpeg
Attach fourth backplane to SATA connector as shown.
IMG 8344.jpeg
Backplanes and wires should now look like this.
IMG 8349.jpeg
Whenever possible, tie off bundles of wires to avoid any lose wires and keep things tidy.
IMG 8350.jpeg
The next backplane connects to the port directly in front of the last one.
IMG 8354.jpeg
This backplane gets positioned as shown.
IMG 8357.jpeg
Plug the next backplane in as shown.
IMG 8359.jpeg
Position the backplane as shown.
IMG 8363.jpeg
The next backplane connects to the front connector of the first SATA card.
IMG 8366.jpeg
Position it here and connect to standoffs.
IMG 8368.jpeg
Take the remaining power supply wires and run them along the fan bracket as shown to prepare for the last two backplanes. These are the toughest to install.
IMG 8369.jpeg
IMG 8370.jpeg
Connect the backplane cable to the SATA card shown.
IMG 8372.jpeg
The backplane is positioned as shown.
IMG 8374.jpeg
Make sure to tuck away any loose wires to make room for the final backplane. Connect the final SATA wire to the last slot as shown. Note there are four unused connections at the top of each card.
IMG 8380.jpeg
IMG 8376.jpeg
Install the last backplane as shown, tucking any remaining wires under and behind the backplane.
IMG 8382.jpeg
The final backplane arrangement should look like this.
IMG 8385.jpeg
Drop in and secure the drive panels.
IMG 8390.jpeg
Prepare the fan panel and fans.
IMG 8395.jpeg
IMG 8399.jpeg
IMG 8400.jpeg
IMG 8402.jpeg
When your fans are secured to the panel, secure the wires as shown to reduce the chances of them getting caught in a fan.
IMG 8406.jpeg
Attach the fan panel.
IMG 8409.jpeg
IMG 8410.jpeg
Prepare boot drive and cables.
IMG 8411.jpeg
IMG 8415.jpeg
Secure boot drive to side of chassis.
IMG 8418.jpeg
Attach power supply to boot drive.
IMG 8420.jpeg
Connect boot drive to motherboard.
IMG 8424.jpeg
IMG 8425.jpeg
Start plugging in your hard drives!
IMG 8432.jpeg
IMG 8438.jpeg
Line up and secure top covers.
IMG 8467.jpeg
IMG 8469.jpeg
IMG 8471.jpeg

Congratulations! You now have a fully assembled Storage Pod ready to test and deploy. For more detailed information on testing see our Assembly Notes section.

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