Noise Measurements

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45Drives Noise Measurements

According to the Canada Safety Council a typical office with computers ranges from 40 to 60db. A study published by Tad Davies, executive vice president of The Bick Group Inc said server room noise would range from 70-79db.

The following measurements were completed with no HDD's in the system. Depending on the HDD used noise levels will vary. Especially during initial spin up.

Our Recorded Results:

 * 45Drives Lab with Multiple Machines Running: 65-70dB
 * 45Drives Offices on a Friday afternoon: 50-55dB
 * Meeting Room with no machines running: 50dB

15 Drive Machine 1 foot away:

 * Ambient Noise = 55dB
 * 56-57dB
 * delta: 1-2 dB

30 Drive Machine 1 foot away:

 * Ambient Noise = 50dB
 * 55-60db
 * delta: 5-10db

45 Drive Machine** 1 foot away:

 * Ambient Noise = 50dB
 * 65-70db
 * delta: 20-25db

"** Using 3 module PSU"