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Storinator – Ultra-Fast, Massive Storage Server


The Storinator is an ultra large and ultra-fast data storage solution, which can be deployed as a single unit or as a part of a cluster. Capacity can be scaled by simply adding more drives into a single unit, or adding units as separate servers or part of a cluster. It offers read/write data at speeds in excess of 3 GB/s, and is capable of moving massive amounts of data in a very short time over high speed connectivity. Our density and speed provides unmatched performance to exceed your storage needs, all at a very attractive cost per hard drive slot.

The Storinator servers are software agnostic. These servers offer the freedom to run any software you choose, including O’s Linux, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows Server, as well as NAS software (FreeNAS, Rockstor, unRAID etc.). Storinator servers will also allow you to run cluster software such as GlusterFS and object store systems such as Caringo or Ceph. The servers can be utilized as a NAS device but offer the ability to transform into a hyper-converged solution for your chosen application. The Storinator is offered in three standard hardware configurations (base, enhanced, and turbo) suitable for a wide range of applications.

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