Installing NVIDIA Video Drivers on the Destroyinator

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This is for Destoryinator customers who have the version 1.0 hardware. The v1.0 hardware is a X9-SRL Motherboard with a video card.

Customers that do not have a video card in their system this does not apply to you

How To Install Video Drivers

Option 1 - GUI

NOTE- This only apply's to Destroyinator 3.0 software (Linux Mint)

  • Open up Driver Manager. ( Menu -> Administration -> Driver Manager)
  • Select "nvidia-340" , apply changes and then wait as the program does the download and install.


  • Reboot and you will running on the proper Nvidia driver.
  • You can verify by running the command "sudo lshw -c video". You can see the expected output below note it says "nvidia" when this process worked and will say "nouveau" if not.



  • You must install the proper Nvidia drivers for the cards in this case its the EVGA 1024MB graphics card.
 Download from nvidia here:
 You want the Latest Legacy GPU version (340.xx series)
  • Download and save to the desktop and change the permission so its executable.
 chmod +x /path/to/driver
  • Black list the default linux driver "nouveau"
 sudo nano /etc/defaults/grub
 Change this line so its reads, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset nouveau.blacklist=1 quiet splash" and update GRUB
 sudo update-grub
  • Reboot the machine and boot into recovery mode:
 * Hold right shift when booting to get to the grub splash menu.
 * Select Advanced Options
 * Boot into recovery mode
  • When presented with a list of option choose "root"
  • Give the root password and remount the root file system to be read/write.
 mount -o remount,rw /dev/md0p1
 NOTE the device will change if you are not using redundant disks be sure to get the right disk. If its a single disk it will most liekly be /dev/sda1
  • Now you can install the driver
 cd /home/user/Desktop
  • Answer the questions the installer prompts. MAKE SURE YOU SAY YES TO DKMS so that the driver will recompile when new kernels are installed