Installing Highpoint WebGUI on FreeNAS

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How to Install the Highpoint WebGUI on FreeNAS via USB

  1. After system booted, type 9 to enter the shell.
  2. Plug in USB drive containing Highpoint WebGUI
  3. Find which device is your USB.
  4. Type:
  mount -uw /
  mount -t msdosfs /dev/da31s1 /mnt (your device name will most likely be different)
  cd /mnt
  pkg_add hptsvr-https-1.0.3-14.1031.tbz

To uninstall the software:

  pkg_delete hptsvr-https-1.0.3

To view the WebGUI, go to a another computer with a web browser and enter your NAS box IP address followed by the port number 7402.


How to Install the Highpoint WebGUI on FreeNAS via WGET

Mount FreeNAS root filesystem with write permissions from a shell prompt

   mount -uw /

Download the FreeBSD version of the NON-RAID webgui from using:


Note: If the above command doesnt work. Please verify you are using the correct URL from our Downloads page

Extract the downloaded file:

   tar -xzf Non_RAID_WebGUI_FreeNAS_v1.0.3_14_11_26.tgz ( or whatever the filename is )

Install the package with:

   pkg_add hptsvr-https-1.0.3-14.1031.tbz ( or whatever the filename is after extracting )

Reboot the system

It can then be accessed at http://<machine.ip.address>:7402 ( eg: )

  • Default username is: RAID ( all capitals )
  • Default password: hpt ( all lowercase )