How do I use the LCD Display?

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Our new LCD screen has full functionality with the R750 HBA cards. It allows you to see the status of all drives plugged into your Storinator. Upon boot up, you will be greeted with the following screen.

IMG 6063-min.jpg

The LCD screen has four buttons [◄ ▲ ▼ ►], allowing users to navigate through the different R750 cards being used and active hard drives. The main page indicates the different R750 cards, the status of all drives plugged into that card, along with the number of drives plugged into each card. The picture below is telling us there are 10 hard drives plugged into each of the two R750 cards, along with the status of all drives is "OK".

IMG 6064-min.jpg

The numbering of the hard drives on the Storinator grid matches up with the LCD display, allowing you to quickly interpret physical location to the data provided on the LCD display.

The status of hard drives is seen on both the card page, as well as the hard drive page. In the result of a failed hard drive, the status on the card page will change from “OK” to “FAIL” along with the screen flashing until acknowledged.

IMG 6065-min.jpg

The image above is telling us that 1 of 10 hard drives on card 1 has failed. To acknowledge the failed drive, press the ► and ▼ buttons at the same time. To see the Serial Number and physical location of a failedhard drive, first you must scroll to the correct R750 card, and then press the ► button to see all hard drives plugged into that given card. Next the user must scroll to the failed drive number using either the ▲ or ▼ button.

IMG 6066-min.jpg

This now tell us that the hard drive in slot 1-12 on the Storinator grid has failed. To double check this is in fact the failed drive we can check the Serial Number. Once the correct drive has the * next to it, press the ► button to view the Serial Number. You can now check this number with that of the drive in slot 1-12 to assure you're pulling the correct hard drive.

IMG 6067-min.jpg

To return to the status page, press the ◄ button once to see all hard drives on that card, and twice to return to the card status page. The status will go from “FAIL” to “OK” once the new hard drive spins up.