How do I update my LSI 9201 firmware in FreeNAS?

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Updating the Firmware on your LSI 9201 HBA cards is a simple task when following the steps below.

  • Step 1 - Enter the command line within FreeNAS, this can be done two different ways.

The first being to connect a keyboard and monitor to your Storinator and choosing option 9.


The second is within the WebGU. The Shell button is fourth from the bottom in the left hand list within the WebGUI.


  • Step 2 - Change into the /mnt directory ('cd /mnt') and download the necessary files from our website. To download the files, enter the following two commands:
  * wget
  * wget
  • Step 3 - Use SAS2FLASH to update the firmware. Enter the following command to do so:
  * 'sas2flash -o -fwall 9201-16i_it.bin'

Once the process has finished, one can check to see the firmware version of the LSI cards by running the following command:

  * 'sas2flash -listall

Shown below is a screenshot showing that Firmware version (FW Ver) is now