FreeNAS - Migrate to Redundant Boot Device

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1. Backup Config Files

Either manually run the config back up, or FTP/ssh into your system and backup the automatically saved ones off the backup volume.


You should save these to your local computer.

Either way you will be blowing out the SSDs so be sure to save your config!

2. Install Preconfigured FreeNAS onto SSD

With the two SSDs and the USB stick plugged in, you will now need to image one of the SSDs.

You must download our Preconfigured FreeNAS 9.3 image from our website:

Once the image has been downloaded follow the steps here to install the image to the SSD.

You will be adding the second SSD to the mirror after boot up. When following the restoration procedure be aware you are only restoring a SINGLE image to a SINGLE disk

NOTE Since the USB stick contains boot information on it be sure to go into the BIOS and manually pick the correct device to boot.

How to Restore/Clone Boot Drives

After you complete the restore procedure boot into your fresh FreeNAS install

3. Attach the Second Boot Drive

Navigate to "System -> Boot -> Status"

Highlight the part that says "Stripe" and hit "Attach"

Select the other 120GB SSD you want to add.

Attach mirror.png


4. Upload your Previous Configuration

Upload your previous Configuration file by navigating to "System -> General" choose "Upload Configuration" and choose the ".db" file you saved earlier

Db upload.png

5. Add the USB backup pool

Navigate to "Storage -> Volumes" and remove the existing back pool. Do not mark disks as new

Next create a new backup pool on the USB stick by opening Volume Manger.