Can I access a Storinator from a Mac without a Thunderbolt Adapter?

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When using a 10Gbe NIC in your Storinator, each port is 10Gbe. If you don’t have a 10Gbe switch, then up to two work stations would be capable of achieving those maximum speeds coming from the Storinator.


As for the diagram shown above, not everybody using a Mac will have a 10Gbe backbone to be able to take advantage of those speeds, or have the need for that high bandwidth. If this is the case, you can get rid of the Thunderbolt adapter in the diagram. You would simply have your Storinator connected to a 1Gbe switch, and then each Mac would be plugged into that switch. This will result in a cost savings of not needing the adapters, and will allow for more connectors to other workstations.