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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Get a quotation for stock configurations directly from the product configurator, or contact us for pricing and information on custom configurations. When you are ready to order, simply email us at info@45drives.com, or call us at 1 (866) 849-3911. One of our super-friendly sales staff will help you.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, AMEX and Mastercard), wire transfers, and cheques drawn on major banks.
Leasing options are also available. Call your account manager today to learn about the many advantages of leasing from 45Drives.

What if I have questions?

You can call us at 1-866-849-3911 or e-mail us at info@45drives.com . We would be happy to answer your questions.

Do you ship outside North America and the UK?

Absolutely, the open-source storage community is very international, and we regularly ship to Continental Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. Shipment is usually by international courier.

A fully assembled unit (including redundant units) measures 36" x 24" x 12" and weighs 70 lbs. An enclosure only unit measures 30" x 24" x 12" and weighs 46 lbs. To receive a shipping estimate please email info@45drives.com

Are Storinator servers Windows compatible?

Absolutely. You can install and configure Windows or Windows Server on your Storinator.

Can I purchase a storage Server and hard drives from 45 Drives?

Yes. We offer several models of WD enterprise-class data-center hard drives for you to add to any Storinator purchase. They are priced very competitively within the industry, and carry a five-year warranty. Click here to learn more. You are also free to purchase hard drives (whether enterprise or consumer) from another vendor.

What hard drives are compatible with Storinator storage Servers?

Almost all hard drives on the market are compatible with the Storinator, however, there are a few different models that are not compatible due to the excessive current consumed on start-up. Click here to view an up-to-date list of compatible and non-compatible hard drives.

Are Storinator storage Servers hot-swappable?

Yes. You can hot-swap hard drives in any of the Storinator storage Servers.
For more technical information, please visit our Wiki.

Can I use staggered spinup with the Storinator XL60?

We recommend using staggered spinup using the Power Up in Standby (PUIS) method when powering the Storinator XL60, in order to achieve optimal PSU performance. The following hard drives support PUIS method of staggered spinup:

✓ All Western Digital drives can support PUIS (PM2 in their terms), with the exception of WD Greens.
✓ All Toshiba drives in the DT01ABAxxx and the DT01ACAxxx families support PUIS.

We do not recommend using Seagate Enterprise drives in your Storinator XL60, as they do not support staggered spinup.

For more information on staggered spinup and compatible drives, please see our wiki..

I just bought a 45 Drives Storage Server. How do I install FreeNAS on the server?

This video will give you a great step-by-step procedure on how to install FreeNAS on the server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K96wY1NH5A

How loud are the storage Servers?

In a 40-50 decibel room, when measured at 3 feet, the storage Servers reach approximately 60 decibels. It is important to note that on average, a normal conversation at 3 feet is measured at 60-65 decibels. Check out our acoustic measurement videos for the Standard and Redundant Servers.

Will you customize an enclosure for me?

Absolutely, we build them from scratch for you, so we can do any customization that you wish. However, extra charges may apply, depending on the extent of customization. You can choose from the minor customizations below, but if you require further customization we would be happy to do so (we can build basically anything that you can design!)

  • Custom color - Click here for custom color chart. There will be a flat setup charge of $50 per order for stock custom colors. We can accommodate requests for fully custom colors that are not in our stock list, contact us for details and costs.
  • Custom Logo - We can remove the Backblaze logo at no cost. However if you choose to replace the logo with your company logo there is a charge of $80 for a cutout logo or silkscreen logo.

Will you customize the internal components?

Yes, we regularly customize internal components for our customers, and we make the process simple and convenient. Please contact us with details and we will provide a custom quote. We regularly change memory sizes, motherboards, processors, and add SSD Boot Drives.

What is the lead time?

  • Standard &: Redundant Servers - tested and assembled.
    Lead time is 5 - 7 business days to ship from our factory
  • Enclosures Only
    Lead time is 2 - 3 business days to ship from our factory
  • Customized Servers
    Lead times will vary. Contact our sales team for details.

What does Redundant mean?

Understanding Power Supplies: Single vs Dual vs Redundant

Dual supply vs. Single Supply: The original Backblaze specification utilized two non-redundant power supplies to supply the amount of current necessary to run 45 hard drives along with the rest of the system. Recently, 45 Drives re-engineered the Server to take advantage of improvements in power supply capacity, and now all of our standard offerings have a single supply. This translates into a lower system cost, and reduces the number of potential points of failure. (We can still supply dual-supply configurations, but this is only necessary in very special circumstances).

Non-Redundant vs Redundant: Backblaze operates a huge array of storage servers, and uses software based strategies to protect against data loss should a server go offline. However, many users who have have adopted the Backblaze Server, use a small number of machines in fairly critical applications where downtime would be expensive. In response, 45 Drives created a version with 'enhanced redundancy' and is designed to withstand a failure of the boot drive or the power supply without shutting down the unit. This enhanced redundancy allows you time to source replacement parts from us while the unit maintains production. There are two main improvements:

  1. The redundant Server system provides you with a three module power supply. Two modules are required to run the unit, and the third stands by until a module fails. Module triggers an alarm, and you can then simply hot swap the faulty unit, thereby recovering redundancy without shutting down the system.
  2. The boot drive is mirrored to a second boot drive (typically software RAID 1). Should a boot drive fail, the other will maintain operation until the faulty boot drive is replaced (it can be hot swapped).

Criteria for choosing standard vs redundant: The standard version costs less than the redundant version. If the cost of potential downtime is less than the cost differential, then the standard unit will give best value. If not, you should seriously consider the value offered by the redundancy.

Which file formats do I send for a custom logo?

If possible, please provide vector graphics (.EPS, .SVG, .AI or .DXF files) for your custom logo. If these file types cannot be provided, please provide a high resolution PNG. Please note that .PNG files may cause a delay in your order. We will be sure to contact you if this occurs.

What is my warranty?

We have a parts only replacement warranty for 1 year after purchase. After this time period, manufacturer's warranty of individual parts applies.

What currency do we work in?

Our default currency is in USD. However, if you would find it more convenient, we can quote, invoice, and accept payment in GBP, EUR, and CAD. Pricing in alternate currencies will be based on the USD price, using our effective conversion rate, and we will hold alternate currency pricing for 30 days.

What is the normal shipping time?

In North America, our shipping time is 2 days and your quote will include shipping with this shipping method. Outside North America, our shipping can vary from 3 business days to 10 business days, depending on your location and method of shipping chosen. Again, quotes will include air-freight shipment. If you wish to purchase a larger order, ocean shipments can be arranged - please contact us if this is your desire.