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Houston Updates & New Modules

Are you ready to get out of the command line? Because it’s official – all four new Houston/Cockpit modules are live!

If you’ve been following our Tech Tip! for the last month, you would have heard of the new updates in Houston. The improvements follow a theme – get out of the command line and easily manage your Linux server.

Check out Tech Tip! for more information and details on how to get each module.

Modules for Cockpit (Houston) are Live!

Check out this week’s Tech Tip, where our lead engineer, Brett Kelly, gives us a summary of each module and tells us where to find the install packages. These modules will make setting up and managing your storage infrastructure a breeze – Find out how below!

What Our YouTube Followers Are Saying About Houston & The New Modules


Learn More About Houston


Remember to remove all drives before transporting your server! External vibration from a moving vehicle, unsteady feet, and especially a courier service - can damage your drives. Not to mention a populated server is pretty heavy. Take them out, wrap them individually and save yourself from lost data!

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Wondering how to add Houston or the new modules on your server?

This knowledge base article will take you through the steps (or really step) to install the Houston modules released in July 2021. It also contains a link to the knowledge base article on a fresh Houston install, in case you haven’t done that already.

Hit the big red button below to get started!

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Lawrence Systems

Tom Lawrence is the owner and CEO of Lawrence Technology Services.. When he's not working to keep business systems running by integrating technology into his customer's workflow - he's making awesome YouTube video. Check out this videos where he walks through our Houston UI - showing his following what this interface can do!

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