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The Jeff Geerling Inspired Storinator
Jr. Storinator

We dropped a mini Storinator into the Reddit ocean and got a lot of ripples last week.

The teaser photo of the “Storinator Jr” generated many questions about what this mini Storinator is and what it can do. So, marketing got together with Josh, the lead engineer on this Jeff Geerling inspired pet project, for a little interview.

Check it out, as he answers a lot of questions you might have!

Creating Grafana Graphs with Prometheus & Ceph

In this Tech Tip video, Spencer tells us how to create Grafana graphs using Prometheus and Ceph.

This short tutorial will help you monitor your Ceph storage cluster and guide you through all the important metrics.

Have you seen the new 45Drives Repo?

Here's a quick "how-to" article from our engineers! This guide covers the creation of Grafana Graphs at a base level which can then be used to pull and manipulate data for any purpose.

Hit the big red button to learn how.


Clustering allows your data to be highly available, which avoids any single point of failure.

45Drives can provide a rapid and accurate cluster configuration based on your storage needs. Check out our new cluster configurator and build your cluster today!

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