Storinator Direct-Wired (Version 4.0)

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Welcome to the Technical Wiki for the Storinator Direct-Wired (Version 4.0) Pod


The Storinator™ is the next evolution of the Backblaze 4.0 storage pod. This direct-wired pod embodies a major design leap that enhances reliability and increases throughput. At the heart of the re-design is 2 Rocket 750 Host Bus Adaptors giving the pod 10 times the speed of previous storage designs. The Storinator™ is SATA II and SATA III compatible and comes with 2 Ball Bearing Sliding Rails, ensuring the pod can now be racked smoothly inside a storage holder.

Direct-Wired replaces backplane technology with a streamlined process from drive to CPU. Replacing backplanes has reduced the number of internal components thus decreasing the chance of error and increasing the reliability of the pod. The new design also utilizes 2 Rocket 750 host bus adaptors, which enhances the pod's speed and versatility (10 times faster than previous designs). The re-design gives users a faster and more versatile storage system with increased throughput and enhanced reliability. Up to 600 TB of serious storage.

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