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Thank you for visiting the 45 Drives Technical Information Wiki. This is a collection of technical information on Backblaze-inspired Storage Pods.

Backblaze, of course, is the leading provider of reliable, cost effective, and convenient internet backup services. You can find them at Backblaze led the way in creating this new approach to storage, by rethinking what was possible, driving the development of the pods, and generously publishing their design and thinking to the public domain.

45 Drives was created to support the community that has grown around Backblaze's open storage pod designs, by providing enclosures, hard-to-find parts, and fully assembled systems. They will also create custom systems for those who wish to further innovate. You can find us at 45 Drives is a division of Protocase Inc., the leading supplier of custom electronic enclosures to the engineering and design community. Protocase builds professional-grade precision-fabricated enclosures, from custom designs, in 2-3 days, and in quantities as low as one. They serve those who create electronics and computers, or manufacture them in relatively small quantities.

What is this technical resource? Last year, 45 Drives created this wiki for internal use, in order to collect the experiences and information that was being created as a result of its work with customers who were pioneering in the use of these massive storage pods. We soon realized that this sort of information was of use to a far greater audience, so we've opened it up. You may freely browse this wiki without registering. We're new at it, so please set your expectations appropriately. We're wide open to suggestions and contributions.

Want to Contribute? We understand that storage pod users collectively (and often, individually) know a lot more about applications than we at 45 Drives do. We have all seen the incredible synergies that occur in open source software development, and we are hopeful that, if the community decides to share information, we will see the same thing happen with this open design hardware platform. So we encourage you to please consider contributing. You'll have to sign up to get editing privileges, and we ask that you treat it with respect and follow the guidelines and rules. Please see the section below for details.

Direct Contact and Discussions This resource is intended to be a repository of technical information, not a place for discussion. If you want to speak directly to 45 Drives, please email us at Also, we host a discussion forum, where community members can carry on open conversations, and where we will be posting information on ongoing issues that are of general interest.

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The information on this site is provided as a free support service. Protocase, and it's subsidiary company, 45 Drives, provides this support and guidance through this wiki, but can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data that may occur through the use of any instructions found herein. Please use at your own risk.

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