Installing Highpoint Drivers on FreeNAS

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This page is a guide for installing the Highpoint Driver onto FreeNAS. For instructions on how to install the Highpoint WebGUI please see the following page: Installing Highpoint WebGUI on FreeNAS


As of April 25th 2015

For those who have upgraded to FreeNAS 9.10 the instructions below are no longer necessary.

The correct R750 driver is now included in the FreeBSD 10.3 kernel, which this latest release of FreeNAS (9.10) is built off of.

The following instructions are for FreeNAS 9.3 users only. Users running 9.10 already are using the correct driver version.


If you are installing your own FreeNAS or upgrading from a previous version. You MUST install version 1.1.0 of the Highpoint R750 driver as the one stock in the FreeBSD kernel does not handle errors properly, and can lock up your system if it encounters unexpected errors (i.e Bad Drive, Bad Cable).

ALSO NOTE If you are doing your own fresh install of FreeNAS, you MUST install the HIghpoint R750 driver v1.1.0 BEFORE you update FreeNAS using the upgrade tool in FreeNAS webgui or you will never be able to get the v1.1.0 driver to load. This is a bug and has been brought to Highpoints attention.

Unless you manually install v1.1.0 you will not even realize you have the wrong driver as the error handling issues don't rear their head until experiencing a bad drive or cable.

Here is a link to v1.1.0 of the R750 driver

You can check the version of the driver you are using by running the following command:

 # dmesg | grep -i r750

If you are currently running version 1.1.0 you will see this output

 # hptnr: R750/DC7280 controller driver v1.1.0 

If you are running the stock version you will see no output

How to Install the R750 driver on FreeNAS

After finishing the FreeNas install:

  1. Plug in USB drive containing R750 Driver
  2. Reboot and go to Shell
  3. find which device is your USB
  4. Type:
  mount -uw /
  mount -t msdosfs /dev/da31s1 /mnt (your device name will most likely be different)
  cd /mnt

This is what you will see when the driver installs successfully:

  [root@freenas /mnt]# ls                                                                                                             
  HPTNR_FreeBSD_9.3_v1.1.0_15_01_09.tgz           hptsvr-https-1.0.3-14.1031.tbz                                                      
  Non_RAID_WebGUI_FreeBSD_v1.0.3_14_10_31.tgz     hptsvr-https-2.1.6-13.1017.x86_64.rpm                                               
  dmesg_with_driver.txt                           postinstall                                                                         
  dmesg_without_driver.txt                        r750-linux-src-v1.1.1_14_11_17.bin                                                  
  hptnr-9.3-amd64.ko                              readme.txt                                                                          
  [root@freenas /mnt]# ./postinstall                                                                                                  
  Post Install for hptnr                                                                                                              
  Copying driver                                                                                                                      
  Configuring system                                                                                                                  
  check /boot/loader.rc                                                                                                               
  End of hptnr Post Install                                                                                                           
  type "umount /mnt" then remove the driver diskette from floppy 

Reboot to enable the driver

Following reboot, to check to see if this worked run the following command and you should see the output below.

  [root@freenas /mnt]# dmesg | grep R750                                                                                              
  hptnr: R750/DC7280 controller driver v1.1.0 

If you try to run the postinstall script when the .ko files are located in a subdirectory in /mnt and not the /mnt directory itself will look like this.

  [root@freenas /mnt/devi]# ./postinstall                                                                                             
  Post Install for hptnr                                                                                                              
  error: driver not found