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Which Hard Drives Should I Use?

There are two classes of Hard Drives: (1) Enterprise and (2) Consumer.

Both classes of drives can be used in a Storinator however the classes are designed for different workloads.

We recommend you use Enterprise hard drives in your Storinator, as they are specifically designed for a constant workload. Consumer drives can and will get the job done, but will fail more often than enterprise drives and cause unnecessary server downtime/extra work.

Using Enterprise drives in your Storinator allows it to just work, all day, and all year long.

An important feature the hard drive must have is the ability to be powered up in standby (PUIS). Since Enterprise drives pull a lot of current during start up it is beneficial (and sometimes necessary)to power the drives one by one and therefore reduce current draws. We wrote a series of blogs on start up power draw that can provide more details of PUIS. here is link to the first part:[1]

If you have drives you are unsure about please contact us and we'd be gald to verify that you can or cant use them in your Storinator.

Western Digital

All models of WD support Power Up In Standby and therefore we recommend ALL WD drives for our Storinator.

One very important exception: Western Digital Green drives
The Green Drives are designed to save power therefore they spin down after each usage, when accessed they need time to spin up and this can cause corruption in storage arrays.

Specific WD Enterprise drives that we recommend are: Ae - WD6001F4PZ
Se - WD4000F9YZ
Re - WD6001FSYZ
Re+- WD6005FRPZ
Re4- WD4000FYYZ


ALL TOSHIBA DRIVES in the DT01ABAxxx and the DT01ACAxxx families support PUIS.


From our experience not all Seagate drives support PUIS, we have seen numerous Enterprise class drives not support PUIS and therfore have issues when starting a full pod with them. The known Seagate drives that DO NOT support PUIS are:

Seagate ST3000DM001
Seagate ST2000DM001
Seagate ST1000NM033
Seagate ST3000VM002
Seagate ST3000VX000