Shipped in 2 - 3 Days if your Storinator uses a stocked enclosure! (SandTex Grey, Storinator Logo)
What Our Customers Are Saying (Pssst... we love to hear your feedback!)
"The Storinator S45 is rocking away with 3,000 users hitting it tens of thousands of times an hour and itís not even breathing heavy. We designed it as a fail-over solution, and on Sunday night, we had to fail-over and it worked flawlessly." Adam Kotter
The Kotter Group
ďIím a huge advocate for 45 Drives and the open storage concept as a whole. Iíve quite often used it to put vendors in their place when they come at me with their overpriced archive storage options.Ē John Vaux
Phoenix Children's Hospital
"We are now seeing backups complete in minutes where it took hours before, and our retention capacity has gone up to 71 days, while completely backing up 33 VMís, Exchange, and SQL (hourly). I canít say how happy we are with our new Storinator! Jack Swinghamer
DuraTech Industries
"Your system is a quarter of the competitor's price and does twice the amount of work. On top of that, it takes up a third of the footprint." Mike Kennedy
PowerHouse Recycling, Inc.
"Thank you so much for offering such a superior product at a fraction of the cost. 45 Drives worked effectively and efficiently with our staff to provide a customized unit which was capable of handling our customers' extensive surveillance hardware needs." Jonathan Constant,
Constant Services, Inc.
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