Storinator E-class

What our users say

"We needed a really big, super-fast, and centralized storage solution for our 4 editing suites, and 45 Drives delivered! Not only does our Storinator Q30 running FreeNAS fit the bill perfectly, but it also has ZFS features that protect my data more than a traditional RAID.” Michael Rueber
Around The Corner Productions
“Long story short, it is working AWESOMELY!!!!! Great Hardware Platform and with FreeNAS on top of it, I can accomplish everything I need such as anything from backups to NFS storage for our Citrix XenServer Virtual Environment.” Jonathan Padilla
Cooperative Computer Services
"The Storinator S45 is rocking away with 3,000 users hitting it tens of thousands of times an hour and it’s not even breathing heavy. We designed it as a fail-over solution, and on Sunday night, we had to fail-over and it worked flawlessly." Adam Kotter
The Kotter Group
"Thank you so much for offering such a superior product at a fraction of the cost. 45 Drives worked effectively and efficiently with our staff to provide a customized unit which was capable of handling our customers’ extensive surveillance hardware needs." Jonathan Constant
Constant Services, Inc.
"Your system is a quarter of the competitor's price and does twice the amount of work. On top of that, it takes up a third of the footprint." Mike Kennedy
Vice President
PowerHouse Recycling Inc.
"You have an amazing product that adds a lot of value to our organization." Ryan Encinas
Technology Specialist
Integris Credit Union
“I received the order, and it’s installed and working well. Very impressed with how easily and quickly it all went together. Totally amazed that one person was able to rack, install, and get it running.” Scott Atherton
CBV Collection Services Ltd
“I quite often use 45Drives to put vendors in their place when they come at me with their overpriced archive storage options.” John Vaux
Phoenix Children's Hospital
"We see backups complete in minutes where it took hours before, completely backing up 33 VM’s, Exchange, and SQL (hourly).
I can’t say how happy we are with our new Storinator!"
Jack Swinghamer
DuraTech Industries

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We sell Enterprise Class Hard Drives

Ultra-fast, reliable pods deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.

Enterprise-class drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage pods, especially for higher-availability applications. This, in turn, makes your data management more reliable and cost effective.